Quitting is very difficult for me because normally, I am driven, much like my father. For me, it was in an entirely different field.

I have made the decision that it is time to no longer publish the books by Ed Connell. The times have radically changed along with the fact that what once existed many years ago, barely exists today. The lifestyle and ranches with thousands of acres of land, contributed to the schooling of the horses. As everyone knows, the training of the California Reined Stock Horse was passed down through the years. My father wrote his books so that the horsemanship would not be lost.

My father's books had a good 20 year run from 1995 up to this year, 2015. Sixty three years for HACKAMORE REINSMAN and fifty one years for REINSMAN OF THE WEST—BRIDLES & BITS is not too bad. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all and everyone who supported my father and believed in him. I can't speak highly enough for the saddle and tack shops and the clinicians who also supported me...individuals I barely know and have never met, and friends who have been so supportive as well.

A special thank you and a “hats off” to all those who have continued learning this highly specialized horsemanship as best they can. It would have been beyond my father's comprehension to change anything. He knew it worked. While I know change is inevitable, it is now time to let go and hope my father's legacy will be remembered.

So, now I have another announcement to make. Along came a most welcomed phone call a few weeks ago from a very nice man in Bruneau, Idaho. THANK YOU, Martin Black. He will continue to publish and distribute the books. Many, many thanks to you.

Finally, we have sold our home and will be moving somewhere on the Kitsap peninsula, probably Gig Harbor, Washington to be near family. It will be an exciting chapter in our lives and we are thrilled for this new adventure.

Thank you again,

Warm Regards,

Leslee Connell Schwartz

HACKAMORE REINSMAN is a valuable reference manual for the professional horse trainer as well as the amateur. Complete coverage of handling the reins ... both snaffle bit and hackamore methods; the turn on the hind feet; the set and turn; the sliding stop; starting the colt on cattle; the spin; foot position; riding a balance; correcting bad habits; keeping the horse light; and every other phase of making the finished, flashy-reined cow horse.
REINSMAN OF THE WEST — BRIDLES & BITS, the second half of the training process, covers: About Bits, Fundamental Principle of the Bit, Summary of Bridling, Purpose of the Double Rein, The Importance of a Good Start and Finish, Worn Bits, Santa Barbara Spade Bit, Half Breed, Chileno, Grazer, Snaffle Bits, Training Marks of Distinction, Carrying the Bit, Start of Using the Double Rein, High Nosed Horse, Misuse of the Romal, Straight Up in the Bridle, Knowledge and Know-How, Horse Sense, and much more.

VAQUERO STYLE HORSEMANSHIP - This new book by ED CONNELL contains historical and factual information and is a COMPANION book to HACKAMORE REINSMAN and REINSMAN OF THE WEST - BRIDLES & BITS. It consists of articles dating from the 1950's through the 1970's including personal letters on specific training problems. The articles provide more clarification and explain in greater depth Connell's first two books, HACKAMORE REINSMAN and REINSMAN OF THE WEST.

Articles included are: Explaining Reining, The A-Fork Saddle, Swinging in the Rein, Starting Horses - Vaquero Style, Cowboy Talk, Ground-Pulling with the Hackamore, Teaching the Stop & Turn, and many more.

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